Benefit Information

While there are many worthy charities from which to chose, I have decided to use this climb to raise money and awareness for the good works of the American Red Cross’ International Response FundThe International Response Fund provides resources for the American Red Cross to respond whenever an international crisis strikes.  Red Cross international relief efforts first focus on meeting people’s basic needs:  temporary shelter, food and water, and health and mental health services.  Efforts may continue for months or even years to help communities build or re-build healthy living conditions.  Supporting the International Response Fund ensures the American Red Cross response can be immediate, regardless of the type of crisis, its location, or the community’s ability to financially support the cost of the crisis. It provides global relief in the form of immediate and long-term support through supplies, technical assistance and other support to those in great need.

I will pay all of my own expenses related to the expedition, so 100% of the funds raised will go the charity. Sponsor contributions will be donated directly to the Red Cross.